Dissemination of the project

Activities serving the dissemination and exploitation of results are a way to showcase the work that has been done as part of the Erasmus+ project. Sharing results, lessons learned and outcomes and findings beyond the participating organizations will enable a wider community to benefit from a work that has received EU funding, as well as to promote the organization’s efforts towards the objectives of Erasmus+. Our dissemination policy was during and after each mobility local, regional press, websites, and newspapers should be informed about, so we cooperated with journalists to organize interviews and articles. At the final stage of the project we uploaded the final project results and an update of the project description on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform The first goal of dissemination and exploitation is to spread projects’ results. The second goal is to contribute to the implementation of and European and Erasmus+ benefits and values. Sharing the results will enable others to benefit from the activities and experiences of the Erasmus+ Programme.  Project results can serve as examples and inspire others by showing what is possible to achieve under the Programme.

During mobilities, we sent articles to the local broadcasting television channels and local, regional newspapers. Also, this has happened after the mobilities. We can calculate that from the regional and local press more than 100.000 people in the four partner schools have been informed for this project through magazines, conferences, etwinning platform, our website visitings, project Facebook account, and the internet events.

Disseminating the project in the Regional Directorate of Education of Western Greece… press the icons below…

European Dissemination Activities.

etwinning United Indiversity Logo

twinspace press here.

Regionale Dissemination Activities

Article and material of the project (socail media) of the Regionale of Education of Western Greece.


Article and material of the project of the Regionale of Education of Western Greece.


Our contribution to the Conference of the Regionale of Education of Western Greece 2020.

press here



Material and articles at the Polish Teacher Training Center, press the icon below…


On Wednesday 23/3/2021, took place Our conference under the title “Unite in Diversity”.

You can see it here.

The Mayor of the Fanianowo city /Poland was our official guest. The directorate of Western Greece was represented by Mrs. Elena Sarli

responsible for the dissemination of the European projects and also the Director of the PEKES / Western Greece Mr. Papadakis Spiros and

the school counselors from Greece Mrs. Dionisia Tourkaki, Mrs. Anna Georgakopoulou, and from Poland Mrs Danuta Kitowska

head/supervisor of the counseling lab in the teacher training center. Also participating in the conference students, parents and teachers form

the partner’s schools.


They told about the project…..

Mr. Papadakis Spiros Director of the Training Education Teacher / PEKES Western Greece.



Mrs. Elena Sarli from the Directorate of the Education of Western Greece.



Greek School Counselor Mrs. Anna Georgakopoulou.


The Greek school Counselor Dionisia Tourkaki.



The Mayor of the Fanianowo City



Disseminating the project on the scratch press here.

We also created posters that we used for our schools and to the local communities’ press here and here.

Activities published at Calameo and here 



Local Dissemination Activities



Πρώτο ταξίδι για το 3ο Δημοτικό Αμαλιάδας: Η αποστολή πάει Ιταλία!


Πρώτο ταξίδι για το 3ο Δημοτικό Αμαλιάδας: Η αποστολή πάει Ιταλία!





School Dissemination Activities.

1) The 3rd of October 2018: the announcement on an online newspaper about Ristori is starting doing an Erasmus + project financed from EU for the first time, with European school partners.

2) the 25th of October 2018: on another very well known Italian newspaper “Il Mattino” a journalist made an interview to the school Ristori about Erasmus + UID project

3) December 2018 on the Ristori school magazine 2 announcements: first the school is using eTwinning platform also for Erasmus + UID project from this year to up next 2 years on.

Second, after Mobility 1 in Napoli, the students talk about their Erasmus experience in a special article.






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