Evaluation of the C3 Mobility.

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The activities that we made were aimed at teaching in an intergraded classroom. They worked in mixed teams and collaborative in making activities outside of the classrooms, following no formal education activities.


By the answers of the students, we believe that the main goals of mobility were gain. Students worked in mixed teams with collaboration, students learned about the European values, and respect the differences, accept the diversity. So, in that way, students practiced their English language, vocabulary, and structures.

Learned some basic vocabulary in English language and improved their socio-cultural and intercultural ability and as they made new friends from the participant’s countries, and learned some basic of the Turkish history and language. They collected information in English and they made a high number of vocabulary and structures.

By answering the previous questions and the graphs we can believe that students learned from their participation in the activities about voluntarism, helping immigrant and refugee students and families, and applied it in this differentiated process of teaching and learning languages and social inclusion.