erasmus plus greece team

Our Project

Our project ” United Indiversity” has been funded by Greek National Agency and European Commission. The project started 1st of September and it will last 24 months. Most of children in this Project come from disadvantaged backgrounds and all schools have lot of things in common, that is the main reason of the partnership. The main objective is to bring the students together, combine their needs and find solutions, accept one another and involve all parts in actively participating in the society by engaging them in collaborative activities. All these different students, as they immerse into a society unknown to them, need to feel the security of being included in everyday life in all aspects.

You can follow us by bookmarking this website onto your browser. We thank European Union to give us opportunity to explorer our cultures with students. 


Our Partners :

  • 3o 12/Thesio Oloimero Dimotiko Sxoleio Amaliadas, Greece
  • Istituto Comprensivo Statale Adelaide, Italy
  • Cumhuriyet Ortaokulu, Turkey
  • Szkola Podstawowa im. Prymasa Tysiaclecia Stefana Kardynala Wyszynskiego w Fanianowie, Polland

Our Team

kostas, united indiversity amaliada


My name is Kostas , i am teacher in Greece, in the 3rd school of Amaliada. I am the general coordinator of the erasmus+ project. I am inspired by the human. Humanity has inhabited every corner of the world, for centuries. As groups of people worked and lived together, they developed distinctive cultures. Together the cultures of the world create a rich and varied tapestry. The resulting cultural diversity expands choices, nurtures a variety of skills, human values and worldviews and provides wisdom from the past to inform the future. Cultural diversity is a mainspring for sustainable development for individuals, communities and countries. Thus, building an effective global approach to sustainable development and ESD needs to address respecting, protecting and maintaining the cultural diversity of the world now and in the future. (Johannesburg Declaration, 2002). Join our team....enjoy our project!

giannis united indiversity amaliada

Giannis Kiskiras

Hello, my name is Yannis Kiskiras and I have been teaching English for over 24 years overall (13 out of it in the Primary School of Havari, a rural area school in the Peloponnese region in Greece). I’m very happy for the invitation and to be here. My interests in life (in education as well), lie in the fields of Literature, Poetry and B/W photography and I have tried to incorporate them into the teaching of English and especially my past e-twinning projects; with good results. I ‘ve also tried to teach English in a holistic way, combining elements from various school subjects and sciences. Our 22 F’ class students, aged 11, are eager to start the project and I believe we will have an excellent e-twinning project for our students, to learn, enjoy and communicate with their peers from the respective “United in Diversity” schools.

maria united indiversity amaliada


Welcome to all of you ! I'm working in Primary School in Fanianowo/Poland. I am Headmistress and Math and IT teacher also. My students are age 5 - 15 years old. I love teach my students. I am open to any interesting project recording healthy living, cultural heritage, reading, coding and new technology. I'm also interested in music and dance. I love the "The little prince" of Antoine de Saint Exupéry. The book inclding a lots of interesting quotes and life wisdom. I am hard working person. I am open for cooperation. I have the experience in management international projects and eTwinning. From April of 2017 year I am Ambassador of eTwinning programme. I am so happy to join in the wonderful project, because of very interesting topic and the possibility to cooperate at the international group. Nowadays is very important the upbringing of the young generation of United Europe at tolerance, friendship to each other with respect the life in peace. So, you know me a little now. I invite you to cooperation.


Hi everybody! I teach Math and Science in a school in the city centre of Napoli in the South of Italy. Since I have spent some periods abroad I pick the importance and the beauty of highlighting links between people of different cultures, traditions and languages. My wish is to share a multicultural experience with my students, aged 10-13, in order to see them cooperating with coetaneous students in this common project that offers food for thought and personal growth.

husnu united indiversity amaliada


I am Husnu from Turkey and I am an english teacher ın a secondary school. That is my 13th year of teaching, and here is the second school that I worked. I am very very happy for being participated in this project.(also all my students) my students are between 11-14. They are very smart and willing to learn new cultures and languages. Since I am here, we have hosted many people from different counties so that my students had the chance to practice their english and see and learn different culture. I think that made them to be open mınded. Hope to see you all here and make great jobs together.

angela , united indiversity amaliada


Hi! I am a primary school teacher. My little students already know e-Twinning. We have obtained 4 quality labels. With older students, a mixed group do a scolastic newspaper "Ristoriamoci" and we are at twelve year. We have also a facebook page dedicated. I think that diversity is richness and only knowing it we can fight racism and intolerance. School and project like this can do a lot to spread an oper mentality and brotherhood. Happy to join to it. Enjoyed meet all of you in person that it is always better than virtual one.